Krichian's Grill & Bistro
399 Crooks Avenue Paterson, NJ
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Home of authentic Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisines      Dine In or Take Out

The Chef


Chef Anahid Krichian
Chef / Owner of Krichian’s Grill & Bistro

Upon her arrival from Beirut, Lebanon in the 1970's, Anahid’s passion for cooking Armenian, Mediterranean, & Middle Eastern food began as she prepared meals for her family and friends.  At first the number of guests she cooked for were small; however, through word of mouth, her clientele increased and in 1990 Chef Anahid opened up Krichian Foods, a small deli specializing in catering.  Over the next 20 years Anahid perfected her skills and brought her experience and innovative way of cooking to open Krichian’s Grill and Bistro.  

Over the years, Anahid’s reputation for preparing premium quality authentic Armenian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern cuisines have made her so popular amongst her peers that she was appointed by the Hovnanian Armenian School to prepare lunches for several hundred students on a daily basis for the past 12 years.  In addition, Anahid has catered many events for corporate functions, church groups, as well as for many local politicians.

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