Krichian's Grill & Bistro
399 Crooks Avenue Paterson, NJ
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Home of authentic Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisines      Dine In or Take Out


  The Food 

At Krichian’s Grill & Bistro, each dish reflects the care and attention of its preparation. While the restaurant offers a classic Mediterranean & Middle Eastern menu, Chef Anahid prides herself on innovative specialties prepared with the finest locally grown ingredients.

The menu is composed of carefully selected dishes from Armenia, Lebanon, & Greece. Off the extensive menus, some of the most irresistible attractions are the various appetizers including: hummus, baba ghanoush, tabouleh, falafel, and various salads, as well as main entrées including:  beef and chicken shawerma (gyro), chicken kebabs, filet shish kebabs, and rack of lamb

Also included are fresh daily fish specials including branzino & samak el hara (baked tilapia filet in tahini sauce blended with garlic, cilantro, onion and nuts). Krichian’s Grill & Bistro also provides many vegetarian dishes as well.  You can compliment your meal with a cup of coffee and some delicious homemade desserts such as baklava, kadaif (filo dough, with nuts and syrup) and halawa bl jebneh.

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Krichian's Grill & Bistro
399 Crooks Avenue
Paterson, New Jersey 07503

Phone: (973) 569-1033

Fax: (973) 569-1034


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