Krichian's Grill & Bistro
399 Crooks Avenue Paterson, NJ
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Home of authentic Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisines      Dine In or Take Out

The Mission / The Location

The Mission

When the husband and wife team of Aram and Anahid Krichian opened Krichian’s Grill & Bistro, their mission was quite simple.   Offer the best tasting, highest quality food, using the finest ingredients, at a price affordable to the customer. 

Their story began in 1990 with the opening of Krichian Foods, a small deli that specialized in catering.  Over the years, the business gradually grew both in popularity and size and, therefore, new and larger facilities were necessary to accommodate their guests for a unique dining in experience. Thus, the grand opening of Krichian’s Grill & Bistro in 2010!

The Location

Krichian’s Grill & Bistro, with its black & white tablecloths and calm lighting, emanates a cozy elegance with a fireplace gracing the dining room, as well as select objects of art, and a magnificent wall mural to feast your eyes on. Armenian, Arabic & other international melodies complement the ambiance.    

Krichian’s Grill & Bistro is a chef-owned restaurant located in a quiet residential area of Paterson, New Jersey (bordering Clifton, New Jersey).  Open for lunch & dinner seven days a week, Krichian’s Grill & Bistro is the place to meet friends in a casual atmosphere.  Outdoor seating accommodations are available during the spring and summer.   Krichian’s Grill & Bistro is a B.Y.O.B. establishment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage to accompany your lunch or dinner.

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